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Electrical Panel Services

The electric circuit breaker or fuse panel is the heart of your electric system.  When there are issues at the panel the entire system can be affected.  Whether you need a thorough inspection, more circuit space, or a complete replacement we can help.  

Our panel inspections are thorough and comprehensive.  We will insure that you are aware of the total health of your electrical panel.  We can even come equipped to provide you with a complete thermal assessment of your electrical panel.  A thermal inspection can show us otherwise hidden hotspots and potential failure points.  

 Many older homes were originally equipped with electric panels that were sufficient for the electrical demands of the time period during which the house was built, but are now unable to keep up with the current electrical demands of our modern day lifestyles.  Sometimes adding a sub-panel can add crucial extra circuit space for that kitchen remodel you have been dreaming of or that modern outdoor space you have always wanted.  

We always look for the most reasonable and economic repair; however sometimes the only solution when it comes to electric panels is a complete replacement.  The basis for any of our repairs is to insure that the same issue does not arise in the future.  This sometimes means that complete replacement is the only option.  

As a general rule, when it comes to your electric panel you don't want to take any chances.  If you have concerns or you think there might be cause for concern do not hesitate to make a call.  Just like with your body's heart, if there is an issue, sometimes an extra day delay is the difference between repair and failure.  


  • Safety Inspections & Corrections 
  • Thermal Assessment
  • GFCI/AFCI safety upgrade
  • Surge Protection
  • Panel Restoration
  • Fuse Panel to Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrade
  • Complete Service & Panel Replacement

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