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Bath Fan Services

    Bathroom exhaust fans are a vital part of your home's electrical system.  When was the last time you were in a bathroom that was not equipped with an exhaust fan.  Did you notice anything about the smell or the paint on the walls?  Bathrooms that are not properly vented very often have bubbling, chipping, or peeling paint.  It is not uncommon to see mildew or even black mold growing in the corners of an unventilated bathroom.  Even if a bathroom is cleaned on a regular basis, lack of ventilation will result in continuous moisture present, and subsequent mold and mildew growth.  Even when there is a bath exhaust fan present there may be issues with the initial installation or the fan may have gone bad.  

    For the last 30+ years it has been a code requirement to include bathroom ventilation in new home construction.  However, this code did not always include the requirement for these fans to exhaust outside.  Often in homes that were built 20+ years ago the bath fan will exhaust into the attic or crawl space.  The same problems with moisture build up that occur in non ventilated bathrooms can and do happen in the crawl space and attic when the moist air from the bathroom is exhausted into these spaces.  This results in mold and mildew buildup that often goes unnoticed due to the fact that it is in a space that the average homeowner may never enter.  

        Let us help you insure that your bathroom ventilation is safe and code compliant.



  • New bath fan installations
  • Bath fan motor replacements
  • Complete bath fan replacements
  • Bath fan upgrades
  • Bath fan/light and fan/light/heater combination upgrades
  • Smart Upgrades

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